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How To Troubleshoot Power Issues On A Lenovo Laptop?

No one likes facing a problem of discharging the battery of a laptop during a movie time or during his urgent work. Flow of work or enjoyment completely brakes during such situation. Are you also facing same problem on your Lenovo laptop? Don’t worry now, as reading this blog will solve your issue. Read the instructions mentioned-below and get the troubleshooting solutions.

The instructions are as follows:

  • Firstly, confirm the power status indicator on your system.

  • Now, verify all power connections and discard any power cable and surge protectors to link the AC adapter directly to the AC power outlet.

  • Next, check the AC adapter. Verify for any physical damage to the adapter, cables and plugs. Also, check the connection between system adapter brick.

  • Thereafter, inspect the AC power source, if it is working well. Check it by connecting another device to the outlet.

  • Discard the Lenovo Support laptop from any docking station or port replicator.

  • Disconnect all externaldevices and then for system power with minimal devices attached.

  • Displace the memory module and hard drive.

  • Disconnect the communication Daughter Cards and the Mini PCI.

  • Withdraw Ultrabay devices if any.

  • Now, after performing above steps wait for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting the devices and power sources.

  • Finally, reinstall each device one by one.

  • The customers can get the detailed information of the nearest service centers of Lenovo along with the phone numbers 0800-046-5242. I hope, after following above instructions your problem will be resolved and if not, then we as a third party Lenovo Laptop customer service provider guarantee to cater our customers with genuine and arrogate solution for all their laptop related queries and issues. So, don’t think twice and dial our toll-free number to contact Lenovo uk Support and get the expert’s advice to solve all technical issues cropped up on your system. These experts will help you to resolve multiple issues within a short span of time.

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